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Biometric Face attendance machine in Ahmedabad
Biometric attendance machine in Ahmedabad
Face Attendance Systems

Attendance Management

Transparent, validated time and attendance data for both employer and employee with 100% data accuracy. Balance employee-employer relationships, increase employee productivity and make accurate compensation payouts. 


(Desktop, web & cloud) - Manage and automate your employee Attendance with various options like Multi & Auto Shift, Holiday, Leave, Overtime, SMS/Emailers. All this with huge number of MIS reports to manage any number of employees.

We have seamlessly integrated  software with some of the very well known brands, with push technology resulting in effortless flow of data on a real time basis.

Access control

Access Controls

Access control systems help us to organize and secure our workforce and organization. It is one of the best control systems that you can implement anyplace and anywhere. This system blocks the crowd in a way that is convenient and easier.

The access control system restricts the pedestrian incoming and outgoing out of a facility. Suppose, when a pedestrian approaches the access-controlled gate it asks the permission of the admin to enter the premises. If he grants the permission he person is allowed to enter else, the gates will be kept closed. Thus, in this way, you are in control and allow anyone to enter.

GPS Tracking

GPS Tracking System

GPS short for Global Positioning System is a linked system of navigational satellites and ground stations used to pinpoint your location anywhere on Earth. Requiring unobstructed sightlines and at least four satellites, GPS Tracking can calculate the exact location in space and time of a GPS receiver - like the one in your phone. While GPS was designed for navigation, it is now part of nearly every aspect of life.

GPS Vehicle Tracking System with popular built in solutions like history, notifications (Alerts through SMS & Mail) and much more.

  Attendance & Payroll

  Access Control 

 VDP & Door Locks 

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​Company Incorporation in 2019, BioKnox Security Solutions, a Best Biometric attendance machine in Ahmedabad, is the fastest growing Biometric Solutions Providing Company, Located in Ahmedabad (Gujarat), committed to Empowering Biometric & Security Solutions to every industry. We are providing quality technical service in various product Solutions ranging from Time Attendance & Access Control Solutions which include Fingerprint Attendance, RFID, Palm, Face Attendance, Attendance. Access Control includes Single and Multi-Door Controllers. Biometric Solutions is our core product with Time Attendance Software, HRMS Software, Leave Management Software & Payroll Software. Also Focusing on Fingerprint Lock, Hotel Lock, Metal Detector, Video Door Phone (VDP), GPS Tracking, Tripod Turnstile, etc. 


Cloud Computing

Web Based Software


Manage your field/Marketing employees with GPS based tracking and a complete Employee level self service Module. Now the employee can check his details on a realtime basis and update all requests on the Go, resulting in near zero escalation of Attendance and Payroll issues. It also comes with a manager panel to view device/mobile logs and approve the various requests of all his team members.

Meant for small and big companies who would like to have data centralized and at the same time would like the server management to be done by the vendor. Benefit - Data Safety, Centralization of Data, Zero Server Maintenance, better control over permission and data, Can be accessed from anytime and anywhere, Easiest to setup, Integrated with Device ESS & Mobile App. Save cost in terms of Space & Hardware Investment, No IT Person required, No Data loss issues or concerns (we take backup every week), No need of Static IP, No need to provide system access and stop your work.

Time and attendance software are used typically to maintain time and attendance in an organization. Beyond a typical purpose, the need for and the requirements in the time and attendance has increased. Companies prefer time and attendance for multiple locations with centralized system. As the number of employees increase so as the geographical diversification of the company. Web based software is exclusively used by organizations in multiple locations to gather the data/records at a centralized system. Centralization leads to data management system which in turn leads to employee management in an organization.