Video Door Phone in Ahmedabad

The Video Door Phone device enables visitors to be viewed before they are addressed. The VDP devices are provided with both indoor and outdoor components. The outdoor panel is installed beside the entrance door with different devices, which can work in any climatic condition. The indoor element is provided with an electronic lock release. Video Door Phone devices are provided with a micro camera adapted for night vision to capture the image of the visitor. They are also attached to a microphone to pick up and respond to the visitor and we can also integrate with biometric device

Advantages of Hikvision Video door Phone Device

The Hikvision Video door Phone Device segment has relevance to only one vertical i.e. Real Estate. It has the core function to identify the visitor. When it comes to knowing who’s at the door before actually opening it, there’s nothing better than a video door phone. A video door phone certainly helps to feel more secure at home.
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Video Door Phones