Smarter Than You Think - Biometric Face Attendance Machine

Why biometric?

Biometric machines measure and analyse the human body's features as it is authentication technology. We can gain access without having to verify with a scan at every checkpoint and without having it verified by human eyes.

In the case of face changes because of age or if a person goes for plastic surgery, facial recognition measures the relative position of eyes, ears, nose and other facial features.

In the current situation of COVID-19, the face attendance biometric system is the most feasible system for organizations to make employee attendance and visitor's entry contactless. The face recognition attendance machine not only helps you fight COVID-19 but also become more operationally efficient.

What is a Facial Recognition Attendance Machine?

A facial recognition attendance machine uses facial recognition technology to verify and identify a person using a person's facial features. After using facial features, the machine automatically makes attendance. Thus this biometric system can automatically recognize a person by the face using specific features in the face like- width of the nose, the position of cheekbones, the distance between eyes, chin, jawline, unique shape, pattern etc. This system also may measure mouth and lip movement to increase accuracy.

This machine translates the unique characteristics of a face into a set of numbers after capturing face features either from video or still images. The data received from the face are combined in a single unit that identifies each person uniquely. Sometimes features of the face are recognized by different facial expressions like crying, smiling or reacting to situations etc.

This facial recognition machine can be used by different groups of people such as students, employees, visitors etc. The data and records stored in the machine are real-time data.

What is the hype about the Biometric Face Attendance Machine?

A face recognition attendance machine is a contactless way to manage employees and visitors in an organization.

A facial recognition attendance machine captures data in a contactless form unlike other types of biometric machines like fingerprints that captures data through touch. A touchless system becomes more effective in this COVID-19 pandemic. It helps people efficiently and safely.

Benefits of Biometric Face Attendance Machine

● A touchless system protects people from many kinds of diseases spread by touch.

● This machine not only scans the face but also measures body temperature.

● It also detects the mask.

● It has access control integration.

● These machines are very flexible.

Time Punctuality

● Time-saving

● Easy to operate

● Multiple face scanning

● Good battery backup

● Workforce satisfaction

● Accurate and accountable

Device take only Live detection.

● Human error perishes

Biometric Face Recognition Machines

Some best biometric face-recognition machines are as follows:

  1. Truein Face Attendance. Touchless Face recognition based Staff Attendance

  2. Smart Office Payroll Solution

  3. SaralPayPack.The Complete Payroll Solution

  4. Secure

  5. Pocket FaME.A Comprehensive Touch-free Attendance Management

  6. Jibble

  7. Darwinbox HR

  8. TimeKompas


  10. Remco Facial Recognition

  11. Innonpeople


Biometric face attendance machines are fully featured face recognition attendance software. It provides an end to end solution. It provides services like live face detection, fast face processing, compact face features template, and face image quality intention in one place. Instead of ID cards and photo identity cards, people are accustomed to presenting their faces for identification. Thus this technique will be very helpful in identifying the person.

You can check Attendance of your multiple location at your head office though our Web & cloud based centralized software & can Generate Reports.

Device take only Live detection.

If anyone try to do attendance through some passport size Photograph or through mobile Photograph, It will not take attendance.

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